Murat Balaban is a serial tech entrepreneur, who has co-founded three technology companies and three technology startups. 

Murat is the founder of Sunny Valley Networks, a startup with the mission of providing everyone with advanced continuous network security service. 

Previously, he was the founder of Vizyon Arge Teknoloji A.S., a high tech startup incubator which gave birth to two successful startups; Surgate Labs and Inseptra Systems. (URL: http://www.vizyonarge.com)

Surgate Labs has been providing E-mail security solutions to enterprises and has been acquired by Comodo Group in August 2014. 

Inseptra Systems, who has attracted substantial investor interest with a post-money valuation of 18M USD, provides telecoms and enterprises with tools to visualize, optimize and secure their networks. 

Above tech startups were all financed to a great extent by company's own resources; and they are indeed success stories when taken into consideration the fact that Turkish entrepreneur ecosystem is relatively underdeveloped, financial instruments for startups are limited, and Turkish tech market is small. 

Click on below links to get more information on my companies & startups:
  1. Sunny Valley Networks - Advanced Persistent Protection for all. 
  2. Vizyon Arge Teknoloji A.S. - High tech incubator and accelerator, umbrella company.
  3. Surgate Labs - Products specialising on E-mail security; acquired by Comodo Group
  4. Inseptra Systems - Visualize, optimize and secure networks 
  5. Endersys Consultancy A.S. - An IT consultancy and services company specializing on high-end systems and cyber security solutions. 
  6. Inforcept - Company which provides Lawful Intercept solution for Voice over IP based telephony calls.