Father of two handsome boys and married to a devoted wife. 

I can call myself an entrepreneur at heart, and a veteran in the industry. 

I started four high-tech startups along with an incubator & accelerator company. I'm one of the founders of EnderUNIX Software Development team, and Turkish Cyber Security Association.

I'm the founder & Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Sunny Valley Networks, a network security startup based in Sunnyvale, California. Sunny Valley Networks team is proudly brewing a product which will provide "Advanced Persistent Protection for all" ;) 

Previously, I co-founded Vizyon Arge Teknoloji A.S., a high tech startup incubator which gave birth to two successful startups; Surgate Labs and Inseptra Systems. (URL: http://www.vizyonarge.com)

Surgate Labs has been providing E-mail security solutions to enterprises and has been acquired by Comodo Group in August 2014. 

Inseptra Systems, who has attracted substantial investor interest with a Series A valuation of 18M USD, provides telecoms and enterprises with tools to visualize, optimize and secure their networks. 

I've co-founded Endersys company in 2006, to deliver high-end IT services and consultancy  to large enterprises, finance and telecoms companies. Endersys helped its customers to overcome even the most challenging technical problems and has been considered an all-times trustworthy partner by its customers. 

Before founding Endersys with my friends, I've taken key roles in many large scale software development projects in telecoms, finance and government. I had initiated; re-designed and re-implemented the entire Debit card host authorization processing system of one of the top largest banks in Turkey.

I've co-founded and has been active in the core team of EnderUNIX Software Development Team, which in the time was the most active and productive open source community in Turkey. EnderUNIX promoted the use of FreeBSD Operating System and was famous for its open source software projects. EnderUNIX was a real school for geeks, and many open source gurus and activists have graduated from this school. I've personally created and contributed to many open source tools and papers within EnderUNIX.