Volunteer Work

I’m one of the founders of EnderUNIX SDT. Have been in the core team for six years.

EnderUNIX Software Development Team is a voluntary online community supporting the adoption and evolution of open source software in Turkey. It is an open academy for computer science enthusiasts who want to develop themselves in the are of open source. The community has raised many well known gurus. It has many world-known contributions to the open source world. EnderUNIX is also known for its support for *BSD Operating Systems in Turkey. There are many tools and papers that are available from its website.

Cyber Security Association (Siber Güvenlik Derneği), is a NGO supporting the adoption of cyber security awareness in Turkey. It has been founded in 2011 by well-known and seasoned cyber security experts. I am the founding Secretary General and has been in the board for two years.